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The South Carolina Aquaria Assoc. 


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Raleigh Aquarium Society Aug 8 @ 1pm
C.A.T.S. Jan. 30 2016


 We are unlike ANY aquarium club in the country, covering not just one area of fish keeping, but ALL. Reefers to freshies, cichlid junkies to guppy gals, planted tank enthusiasts to coral fraggers.  Exchange valuable information, ideas, and opinions on all aspects of aquaria. Browse our forum and make connections with other aquarists.  We welcome members from anywhere!
We host swap meets, meetings, auctions, and an annual trade show. 100% of sponsor-donated items are distributed to members.  Everyone benefits!  We just ask you to spread the word. Tell a friend or two, and encourage them to tell others. We want to be THE place to go for advice and discussion (Check out our active forum) on how to succeed in the hobby.  We encourage the newbies and the experienced pros to join us. We welcome any comments and suggestions about our club and web site.


We would like to thank all who attented and Camden Tropical Aqutics for a Fantastic day at the the Fall SCAA Camden Cookout. We are in the proccess of planning on all kinds of new events for the up coming year so make sure to check in regulary to see whats coming up!

2016 Carolina Aquatics Trade Show (C.A.T.S)

Last years show was at the University of South Carolina Upstate. Held annually the last Saturday in January, and centrally located between Charlotte, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Columbia, our trade show featured 40+ freshwater and saltwater vendors from as far away as Michigan!  Annual visitor attendance is in excess of 400. 

Our Jan. 30th 2016 C.A.T.S. show promises to be much bigger and better."Be sure to
add This to
your calendar!"
We're adding a separate "CORAL 'FRAG' ROOM"
(with subdued lighting) so you will be able to really see the vibraint colors.

Space is limited , so vendors should register early for tables!

For additional information, visit the C.A.T.S site @

Visit Our Sponsors!

The SCAA is proud to support local pet stores and quality on-line retailers dedicated to educating and encouraging the public on fish keeping. With that in mind, please take a moment to view the sponsor banners above. For links to specific sponsors advertised on our site, please visit the "Sponsorspage.  Businesses interested in becoming part of the SCAA family must meet our standards as a quality location to obtain supplies, species, and advice.

Raleigh Aquarium Society -- experimental SATURDAY meeting!


Joshua Wiegert is coming down to Raleigh to speak on Saturday, Aug 8, 2015. He will be presenting on Aquatic Creatures -- those animals that can go into your fish tank, but aren't fish. In addition to being a well known author and speaker, Joshua runs Batfish Aquatics, which you may have seen regularly at the Raleigh Aquarium Society's various workshops and auctions. He is currently running a pre-order for fish to bring down to the RAS Meeting.


A pre-order is a little different than the usual way of ordering fishes from Batfish Aquatics. These fish are currently available from some of Joshua's suppliers, but he does not yet have them on hand. By putting a deposit down, your committing to buying the fish at the price once they arrive, and securing them. This allows Joshua to bring in fish that he might not ordinarily have, knowing that they'll have a home waiting for them, as well as helping to boost orders from the suppliers. As a result, the prices are a little lower, and Joshua is also offering a 10-percent discount to people who will be attending the RAS meeting!


You can view the two pre order lists by clicking:
Batfish Aquatics | Pre Order Lists (there's a link on this page for the second list, as well).


There's always some overlap on the lists, and as a general rule, you'll get what you pay for. More expensive fish tend to be larger. When in doubt, send Joshua an e-mail at .


The cut-off for ordering from the pre order is only TUESDAY, the 14th, so you only really have the weekend and Monday to look at this list; if you are planning on attending the RAS Meet, be sure to get in on the pre order!


You can also order fish from Joshua's regular in stock list up until Thursday August 6th. That list can be found at: Batfish Aquatics | Freshwater Fishes.


Added Note from Gerald:


Sat Aug 8 at 1:00 pm - NCSU Vet School (South Theater room -- from main entrance lobby go downstairs (under the whale) past the library and straight thru two double doors. Meeting room is on the right. If anybody wants to go seining, visit shops, eat dinner or whatever afterwards, we can plan something.


Also: NOV 14-15: Another Saturday 1:00 pm meeting, followed by our Fall Auction on Sunday.

The 4th Annual Carolina Aquatics Trade Show. January 30th 2016(planned) at USC Upstate


Mark the date! Vendors from around the southeast and as far away as Michigan have showcased a wide variety of Freshwater, Marine, and Reef livestock as well as aquaria related equipment, food, additives at our previous three trade shows. For 2016, we'll have a great line up of vendors, auctions, and a large selection of prizes, including livestock, to be distributed throughout the day.


NEW FOR THE 2016 C.A.T.S. - A CORAL 'FRAG' ROOM Coral frags will be housed in their own room (with the lights dimmed) so you can really see the colors. Limited space, so vendors should register early for tables!



- 12pm (Freshwater-oriented items)

- 2pm (Mixed items), and 4pm (saltwater-oriented items)!


No more scheduling problems like previous years. Three drawings for sponsor prizes, simply drop your door prize ticket into the drawing you'd like to enter.


OPEN FISH AUCTION (freshwater & salt) to benefit the Children's Hospital Bring your own fish to auction & split your proceeds with the club, or donate fish to the auction.


"ALL auction proceeds collected by the SCAA go to the Greenville Children's Hospital."

- MORE VENDOR SPACE We'll have even more space for vendors (hobbyists, sponsors, and commercial)


Don't miss it!


Vendor registration will open later this summer.